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The Tale of the Two Rachels

23 June 2021 Ann Little

I changed my mind about my blog this month. Instead of talking about all things planning, I’m going to talk about 2 small businesses that I have had the pleasure to work with this month, and tell you how they have adapted during lockdown.

At the beginning of the year, Silver Lining Services had a rebrand including a sparkling new website by The Goldilocks Creative. The one thing it didn’t have was my photos because lockdown had scuppered that! I knew I had to wait for a photoshoot, but I was referred to Rachel, from Rachel Humphrey Photography, because she was offering a virtual photoshoot package. Brilliant I thought, this might not be the full shebang for my website, but it would be good to get something out there in the interim.

I contacted Rachel, had a chat and thought, yes, I’m gonna do this. We booked a session in and Rachel sent me instructions over. On the day, I had my stash of props, a clean house and some ideas of what I wanted to achieve and where the photos could take. Rachel was such a help with ideas and advice, and made the process so straightforward.

The photo session itself was such a laugh, it really wasn’t a problem to smile during it. We, well I mean I, had to get used to Rachel’s direction, but I soon had a favourite head-tilt to perfection. We did lots of poses and even had the dog in there too at one point.

I didn’t have to wait too long before on my personal portal my photos appeared ready to download and use – and I have certainly used them! As it was such a good session, it made sense to speak to Rachel about my in-person photoshoot, and we booked that in.

So on 14th June, one of the hottest days this month, I met Rachel in Olney and we wandered around, finding places to go in, and walls and trees to stand next to and had lots of photos taken. Again, it was a fun session and Rachel had helped with advice in the lead up to it. Her attention to detail is astonishing! Noticing things that I never would have, and she put me at ease throughout – again, smiling wasn’t a problem. Her famous head tilt was a big feature of the session!

I think that the virtual photo shoots are an inspired service, but more than that, I would whole-heartedly recommend her if you are in need of new photos, or a refresh. Have a look at her website! And this is a sneak peek...

As you may have already guessed, the second business I wanted to talk about, Liquid Art, is run by another Rachel, Rachel Baker from Rachel Baker Artist. I’ve known Rachel for quite some time, but after not seeing her for a long while, I had the good fortune to see her at a networking group earlier in the month.

Rachel is a pet portrait artist, but she also runs Liquid Art. Pre lockdown, these sessions took place in pubs and bars, you went along and were taught to paint a picture in person while you had a few drinks. Obviously, in person sessions couldn’t happy, and Rachel went virtual.

I've wanted to do a class like this for while, so seeing Rachel was serendipitous. You can choose to pay for the session on its own if you have your own equipment but if, like me, you have nothing you can choose to get the brushes, pallet, and paint, along with a canvas for your session and the session itself. As you only need to buy the brushes etc once, there’s even an option to just top up your supplies and have another canvas.

I booked 2 sessions without a moment’s thought. I’ve seen Rachel demonstrate how to draw before, so I knew she’d be good – and she didn’t disappoint. I received my package of art goodies, and on the Friday night that England were playing Scotland (and it was fantastic to have something else to do!), I got set up with my painting gear, laptop and a glass of wine.

This is absolutely another Rachel that I will recommend. Her instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. Step by step she went through with useful tips throughout to get the desired effect. There were a few of us on the call, all concentrating, but Rachel had some music on so there was a good atmosphere too. I was completely absorbed in what I was doing. I had thought that this would be for groups of people only, but sat on my own in my kitchen, it felt perfectly natural to be spending an evening like this.

I am so please with my finished painted, and it will be going up on the wall when I’ve decided where it will go. Whether you want a new hobby, something to do with friends or want a peaceful evening painting, book yourself on!

That concludes my tale of the 2 Rachels. If you are interested in the services that either of them offers, please click on the links I've included below:

Rachel Humpreys Photography

Rachel Baker Artist



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