You've just found your

Girl Friday*.

Time - the most precious commodity in the world

that money can't buy...

...or can it?

Everyone needs a little more time, sometimes a lot more time, in their lives. Here at Silver Lining Services we help people reclaim their time. 
When you need extra time in your day we can take care of tasks to free up your time. 
  • Delegate what you don't have time to do
  • Delegate what you don't know how to do
  • Delegate what you simply don't want to do. 

Whatever you need us to do, that's what we do. We specialise in organising your life. We swoop in, find out what your needs are, learn about you, your lifestyle and your business and we create a solution for you. 


Administration, diary management,
sourcing gifts, project management and much more are just some of the things you can ask us to do. You can see more examples on our Services page.


When your time has been freed up, you can do what you want to do, what you enjoy doing, what only you can do. Whether that's meeting new clients, spending time with your family or going on holiday, Silver Lining Services will support you.


We understand that everyone is individual and will need unique solutions. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

How can we help?

About Silver Lining Services
Ann, the owner of Silver Lining Services, is an experienced PA with lots of bows to her arrow. With a "Can-Do" attitude, she is there to find a solution to even the hardest of problems. Ann is naturally an organised person, which comes in handy for a busy life. Two children, husband, a cat and a dog keep Ann on her toes, but remember it's always the busy person you ask to help!
Ann has the perfect background to provide exemplary Personal Assistant and Lifestyle Management services. Extensive experience in retail and customer service mean that Ann is all about delivering what she promises and providing a high level of service every time; going the extra mile to look after your needs. Connect with Ann on LinkedIn.

What people say about Ann

I have to wholeheartedly recommend Ann. I know I can trust her with anything I need. She was always reliable and helpful and went the extra mile. She made my life easier by dealing with things I didn't have time for, and I would happily recommend her.


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