Is Normality on Its Way?

The end is in sight of what has been a very different school holiday, and which was really just tacked on to a few months of total weirdness! I am very much looking forward to getting back to the term time normality – if you can call it that. But before I do that I need to push on through the next couple of weeks working and parenting. There are a lot of us out there – working from home round the kids, giving them things to do so that we can get some work done. It’s not just my work that I’m juggling, it’s the housework too – funnily enough doing laundry and cleaning aren’t exciting enough to join in with!

So, I’m sitting down to write this, with my self-imposed deadline ever marching on and feeling like I’m rushing to squeeze it into the time I have available, along with everything else I do. There is a certain amount of internal conflict too as I fully understand how important it is to work on my own business and make sure that my own marketing material is ready to go, but my client work comes first. Those deadlines cannot be fudged, my personal ones can – albeit with a knock-on effect.

Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this to let you know that I understand the position that so many of you are in – this is the situation that my clients find themselves in – not enough time to do everything that you need to do and you have to choose what to prioritise. And prioritising is not always straight forward.

When you find yourself having to do that it’s the time to outsource.

You don’t need to be rushing around and feeling stressed about the amount of work that you need to do. There are peaks and troughs of course with your level of work, and certainly for me school holidays and a lack of childcare immediately affect my available working time in the short term. If, however, this is your long term then take a look at how you can change and manage your working life.

I’ve recently been listening to a series of podcasts by Hal Elrod on my morning run. Not only do I recommend these, but there was an interesting point raised by one of his guests. To paraphrase…You shouldn’t wait until you are in desperate need to recruit into your business, you should recruit when you are at 80% capacity. This gives you the opportunity to recruit and train a new person or people so that they are at full speed when the business does reach 100%. The take-away message to businesses out there – if you are starting to near your capacity, look now to outsource or recruit.

I work with a lot of small businesses, those who aren’t in a position to employ but need that extra help within their business. This is where outsourcing is invaluable; you can take advantage of skilled freelancers who will support you and help you grow your business, without the commitments and implications of taking on employees.

Whether you have children returning to school in September or not, there is always a ‘back to school’ mentality at this time of year. Harness that mentality within your business. Take the opportunity to reassess your business, especially after the changes of the last few months, and plan for the year ahead. If you’re already rushing around, don’t have enough time and are getting overwhelmed with the number of things you need to get done, then perhaps outsourcing should be a priority at this point.


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