It's not just about Admin...

Mr Silver Lining and I have now been married 10 years. No jokes about doing time, it's been a good 10 years, with some great highs. We've relocated, we've created our family and changed careers. To mark this milestone I wanted the perfect, personalised gift; but where do you start? I searched the internet, browsed through websites of people selling unique crafts and scoured Facebook groups for online sellers. And did I find something? Yes I did, and it went down a storm. A special something from me to him, that shows him how much I love him. Did it take a long time to find? Yes, it most certainly did.

It is a misconception that VAs are for business purposes only. Of course we do a lot of admin related jobs within businesses and for business owners but our speciality is helping busy people whatever that help may look like. You may be busy with work, whether you're working for someone else or you are self-employed, however there are other things that can make your life busy; raising children, caring for family members, helping out friends, volunteering, having an active social life. Where am I going with this you're wondering...

We describe Silver Lining Services as being a PA and Lifestyle management service. Wikipedia says that:

"Lifestyle management is the outsourcing of personal tasks to commercial firms and individuals. Lifestyle managers or personal assistants act as an intermediary between suppliers of commercial services and consumers who are unwilling or unable to carry out a given task for themselves." As a lifestyle managers we can save you time by taking care of your personal chores, including helping you research and find that perfect present! To give you an idea of what you could get help with, here are a few tasks we have completed:

- Sourcing specialised contact lenses at a competitive price

- Finding the perfect hotel for a mother and daughter spa weekend

- Wrapping presents for a Christmas fete

- Researching suppliers and installers of artificial grass

- Arranging children’s birthday parties, from theme ideas to entertainment to filling party bags.

If you are busy, contact us to start delegating the things you don't personally need to do. In the meantime, I'd better say a Happy Anniversary to Mr Silver Lining, here's to the next 10 years!


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