My Life as a PA

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

I've always been organised, and I have certainly always loved a good To Do list! The clarity of what you need to do, and the satisfaction of crossing each task out (and sometimes the reminder too!) is useful. I have to admit that a manual list, where you get a pen and scrawl through it, is a great feeling for marking things as done. I have now moved into the digital age, but I still love a coloured post-it and pen for jotting down a quick list.

Anyway, I digress... Initially I fell into my first proper job and it then developed into a career in retail. The jobs along my path have given me a lot of experience and skills. It was only when I was made redundant on maternity leave that I was pushed into looking for a different work option. What a Silver Lining that redundancy turned out to be.

I'd always wanted to be my own boss - this was the push I needed to do something about it. I analysed my skills and I found a PA franchise to invest in; and so began my PA journey. I loved my work; my clients were great.

Another expected addition to the family lead me to re-evaluate again. My husband's work had changed significantly and at that time the franchise wasn't going to work around the family changes and I jumped back into employment.

Cue maternity leave, and I wanted to do something more. I wanted to create something I loved and that worked for me. Enter Silver Lining Services - offering PA support and lifestyle management. We're now in 2019, and I'm working on this exciting new project; champing at the bit and raring to go.

This Girl Friday is ready to get you organised!


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