VAs are Marvellous Super Heros!

Recently my husband and I have been spending quality time together watching the Marvel films in chronological order. There is something supremely satisfying about watching them in order; I think that's my organised side coming out. I've watched a few super hero movies in my time, but randomly this has caught my interest.

Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and even the Hulk, all have special powers that mean that they can help people. OK, so this is super strength, flying abilities, unique weapons and such like, but it got me thinking... I think that with the skills a VA brings to the table, we are in fact super heroes in our own right.

Yes, that's right; I am saying that I am a super hero! I help business owners and managers grow their businesses, and in doing so pay their bills. I help overwhelmed, busy parents get everything done. I help people take some time out. I help people succeed in their life!

What are my super powers?

Super Organisation

Can-Do Attitude

Calmness in the face of panic

Create order out of chaos

And much more...

I may not tackle the baddies of this realm, but I tackle your to-do list, and for a lot of people this is something that does in fact save their world. The next thing I need to do is to come up with my Superhero name...


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