We don’t want to waffle on with a list of terms and conditions, but we would like to take a few moments to set out some expectations for the relationship between Silver Lining Service and its clients.

Our Pledge to You


  • We will keep any work undertaken confidential and will in no way use it for personal use or promotional purposes without written permission from the Client; Silver Lining Services will sign a confidentiality agreement if required 

  • The Client will remain the legal owner of any work undertaken by Silver Lining Services

  • The Client will remain responsible for any images supplied in regards to obtaining rights for use. Images supplied by Silver Lining Services will be sourced with necessary permissions

  • The usual turnaround time for tasks under 2 hours long is 24-48 hours

  • All work will be presented in Microsoft Office applications

  • On occasion, we may use Associates to complete Client work

  • Our standard working hours finish at 5pm Monday to Friday. Correspondence received outside of these hours will usually be dealt with the next working day. Tasks that need to be worked on outside of these hours will be agreed with the Client and charged accordingly. 

  • Client information and work undertaken will be held for a maximum of 12 months after work has been completed or an agreement has been terminated

  • Any passwords or sensitive information provided by the Client will be held securely and treated confidentially. 


What We Ask of You


  • The Client is responsible for the final proofreading and checking of all work produced by Silver Lining Services.

  • Any errors found need to be reported within 3 working days of receipt of finished work. Errors produced by Silver Lining Services will be corrected free of charge. Amendments and alterations requested outside of this time will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

  • The Client will ensure that all necessary information required will be provided to Silver Lining Services prior to work commencing. This may include templates, images, passwords and access to systems.




  • Silver Lining Services operate at £30 per hour. VAT is not applicable.

  • There is a minimum invoice amount of 1 hour. Work will be billed in increments of 15 minutes, with time rounded to the nearest quarter of an hour.

  • Urgent tasks and work outside of usual working hours will be charged at £45 per hour. This requires written confirmation prior to commencement of work.

  • The Client will be invoiced at the end of a completed project, or at the end of the calendar month for ongoing work.

  • Chargeable time includes time spent on agreed services, all face to face & Skype meetings, telephone calls and writing and/or reading of email correspondence.

  • The Client will be responsible for supplying Silver Lining Services with items required for a task. We understand that on occasion there may be additional costs that may be incurred by Silver Lining Services. Agreed expenses will be included on the final or monthly invoice. Expenses include:

    • Travel

    • Postage

    • Non-standard office stationery as required by the Client

    • Telephone calls that incur an additional cost to Silver Lining Services over and above their standard telephone tariff.

    • Necessary purchases

  • Payment is by BACs transfer

  • Payment is due within 7 days of the invoice date

  • Should ongoing work be terminated or suspended the request of the Client, Silver Lining Services will be entitled to immediate payment for any work carried out and expenses incurred.


Late Payment


  • Should an invoice become overdue, Silver Lining Services reserve the right to suspend work provided to the Client until payment is received.




  • Timings and quotes for projects will be discussed with the Client prior to work commencing

  • A cost per project is calculated taking into account Silver Lining Services’ estimated time and cost for completing work. If, in the early stages of the project, it becomes apparent that significantly more time will be required than expected at the point of the initial quote, Silver Lining Services may renegotiate the expected cost and/or the deadline.

  • Additional elements to the project, included at a later date, will be subject to review and renegotiation with the Client

  • Should a project be terminated or suspended at the request of the Client, Silver Lining Services will be entitled to any outstanding payment for work carried out and expenses incurred

  • 50% of the project fee will be invoiced in advance; work will commence once payment has been received. The remainder of the cost, plus additional hours used and agreed expenses, will be invoiced on completion of the project.


Monthly Retainer Packages


  • Retainer packages are available; please contact us to discuss what would be suitable for you

  • Retainer hours are charged at the standard rate of £30 and invoiced for the month in advance and requires payment prior to work commencing

  • Unused hours will not be rolled over to subsequent months unless otherwise agreed in writing

  • Any hours beyond the retainer allowance will be charged at the standard hourly rate and invoiced in arrears at the end of the calendar month. Silver Lining Services cannot guarantee availability for additional hours; this should be discussed at the time.


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