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The In-Person Personal Palm Pilot.

22 February 2021 Ann Little

My first proper job was at Carphone Warehouse. This was many years ago now, worryingly I can now say that it was decades ago, and it was well and truly before smart-phones existed – can anyone else remember that? 

I feel lucky to have experienced this technological evolution, I was selling the first iPhone on the very day it was released, and now look where it is. Clearly then we just did not know where we were heading – a bit like this year then! 

In the Milton Keynes museum there is a communications section, and part of that is a display of mobile phones throughout the ages – and goodness did I feel old being able to recognise, if not own, all of the models on display. Odd really, as I often don’t feel I’m old enough to be doing a lot of the things I am doing, but hey ho! 

Our phones are now with us all the time, mine is looking at me from right beside my laptop and no doubt I’ll leap on it if it buzzes. That single device in our hand enables us to phone and text, yes, but also send emails, access the internet, go on social media, take photos, the list goes on. There are a myriad apps available, and a lot of those are designed in one way or another to allow you to organise and plan your life and habits. 


But what about the times before phones were connected to the internet? How did we cope?

When mobile phones were just for phone calls, there were other gadgets that were on the market to keep us organised. I remember having a Palm Pilot PDA, and when I client said to me that I was like the human version of an original Palm Pilot, it resonated, and I knew that I would be taking her idea and running it with it! 

PDA – Personal Digital Assistant

This little gadget was perfectly sized to fit in a pocket, Filofax etc, and it organised your life. Notes, diary, reminders… it was the perfect tool to keep you on track, efficient and accountable. It was all about the organisation. Sure, it could do other things, you could get games for it and there was a specific app to simulate a mirror, but it kept organised!

Executive Assistant 

I will keep you on track, efficient and accountable. A human might not fit in your pocket, but the mobile technology now means that I am just at the end of your phone – whether that’s a call, video call,, email, text, Facebook or Whatsapp message. So yes, I’m pretty much there in your pocket or handbag. I work with you on your plans, create todo lists, remind you of things. I hold you accountable and will nudge you  - some might call this nagging – when you need to be getting on the job in hand. 

I hope it goes without saying that as a human I provide a much better service than the PDA. I won’t distract you with games that you can waste time on; I’m proactive and get to understand you and your business; I have a variety of tools I use, but I’m able to tailor make my service and solutions to you and your business and personal challenges; I can read between the lines; I evolve in a way that no software upgrades could match. 

You might say that your mobile phone can now perfectly easily do the job that PDA did. Maybe, and if that was the case we would have a world full of organised people, and you would never procrastinate about anything… What you need is the human element!


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